The ‘Wily’ Charm

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Poems

(Them stupid teens.)

What is the harm in pausing a while:

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Blending in or Standing Out?

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

There come those times when one feels woefully inadequate. It happens very often where I live right now. Being surrounded by super smart and talented people is a difficult thing.
Is this feeling of inadequacy always measured against societal expectations? For me, it’s what I expected from myself. When I see all these people around me, I always feel the urge to be just a little smarter, just a little more social, just a little more well-read, just a little more rational, or just a little more confident. Then again, I probably just want to be more of these things because society will accept me completely. It’s not nice to be a misanthrope and recluse with a scattered thought process, but that’s how I am. I came here with big hopes of being myself and staying that way, but it’s not difficult to lose yourself in this tiny place with so many stellar personalities.

Ah, the tussle between blending in and standing out.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon in the city of Mumbai. I was sitting in an auto rickshaw on the way to a friend’s place at Andheri, waiting for the infamous Mumbai traffic to clear. I was gazing longingly at the cool, delicious icecream in the hand of the kid in the next rickshaw, when a loud “Aye” interrupted my thoughts. I turned back around just in time to see a fat, beefy man pull the driver of my rickshaw out onto the jammed road and start beating him up.  They caught each other by their collars and started a fist fight, disrupting the efforts of an elderly gentleman who, in the absence of a traffic policeman, was trying to direct the traffic. It didn’t take long to find the culprit. It was a big red smear on the fat man’s white Mercedes: my rickshaw wallah seemed to have spit paan on it. Luckily, after twenty minutes or so, the collar grabbing, scuffling and the choicest of Hindi abuses ceased. All of us emerged unscathed except the paan-spewing rickshaw-wallah(who stopped for another paan down the road) and the elderly gentleman who had his glasses broken. This was just thirty minutes into the life of a Mumbaikar.

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It’s exam season in India again. Final terms, units, board exams, entrance exams. The most decisive time in an Indian student’s life.The time when they are under the most pressure, burning the midnight oil to study some more, going to tuitions for longer hours than they spend at home, even jumping off terraces, getting run over by cars and the like. Whatever it takes to get there.

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Does not mean anything! Just wrote it for fun one day. This blog hasn’t been updated for long. So I decided to publish it.


If I had a glimpse of today

I’d know what to say

I would be happy now.


I could not see, so I let go

But I did not know

What the future had in store.


With the coming of that ire

My being is on fire

I am confused


I try to make it stay

It does not go away

It hurts me so


If you let a chance slip by

Without knowing why

You’d want to go back in time

The Birth of a Shopaholic

Posted: October 3, 2011 in About Me
I cannot forget that day. Not because it was the day of my first terminal exam, but because of the, umm, vision I had. Call it an awakening. Call it a divine intervention. But it was definitely a change of some sort. I never cared for dressing up or anything to do with looking good, just the occasional smear of kaajal, that’s it…until before 28th September. Read the rest of this entry »

He’s big. He’s bad. And his threats make the Government go crazy with fright.
Say hello to the new anti-corruption crusader, Kisan Baburao Hazare, popularly known as Anna Hazare. A little old man from a tiny Maharashtrian village that managed to make our 10th grade textbooks as a model of environmental efficiency, he has mobilised mass support like never before for his cause. Some liken the situation in India to the 1975 Emergency, some call it India’s Arab Spring (Reuters did. Sheesh), while some go so far as to say this is India’s second freedom struggle. Read the rest of this entry »