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Winning and Losing

Posted: May 14, 2010 in About Me

Okay, this was something I’d posted on Facebook a year ago.

People say it’s hard to win. Yes it is, I don’t disagree. But well, according to me, losing can be much, much harder. If you’ve tried harder than you’re worth and did your best to win honestly, and then lose, it hurts infinitely more than anything else. Plus, if someone undeserving gets what you wanted(in a not-so-honest manner), it hurts sharper than a knife. Do you know how when you’re running a race and you’re coming first, how elated you feel? And how you feel when someone sticks their foot in front of you, you fall and are forced to come second? I’ll explain what I’m trying to say with a story I always tell others when they’re disappointed. (more…)


The Unsung Heroes

Posted: May 14, 2010 in About Me

The Pandavas and Krishna

Last December, our school had organized a grand-scale celebration (owing to its completion of thirty years as a fully functional school). They decided to organize a play on the Mahabharata (a Hindu epic, and an important part of Indian mythology. It’s REALLY long and complicated-even longer than Greek mythology). (more…)