Myths About Myself That I’d Like To Clear

Posted: March 3, 2011 in About Me

One of my better posts from another blog.


Myths about myself that I’d really like to clear:

1. I do NOT want to be an engineer/ a doctor.

In India, people with brains are supposed to be doctors/engineers. For some reason, they’re the most sought-after professions in my country. You have to study long and hard.
It’s usually parents who force their kids into these careers, for the following reasons:
  • When they retire, they can proudly boast, “Mera betaa doctor/engineer hai!”and their audience is mighty pleased.
  • They’re doctors/engineers themselves.

These careers pay a lot, I know, but I strongly believe that people should go in for those professions only if they have an earnest desire to practise them! Otherwise, it totally becomes a curse! And really, there’s more to life than facing societal shame.

I choose not to be a doctor/engineer, not because I’m not smart enough to be one, but because I’m smart enough NOT to be one. By this, I do not mean that I’m dumb/I’m a daft Indian girl who’ll finish her studies at a BCom degree, get married and have lots of kids (this is the general notion about women who don’t choose ‘professions of substance’). I’ve just taken the road less travelled. I’m going to be a lawyer (and hence, also out of the crazy Indian rat race. “Doctor-Engineer-Doctor-Engineer-…”).
And luckily for me, my parents (both of whom have postgrad degrees and diplomas in obstetrics and gynaecology) are VERY supportive of my career choices.
Coming to the issue of societal shame, whoever I meet and inform of my career option, is mighty upset that I’m choosing law over medicine. I mean, which jackass would want to do LAW when they have an ‘entire two-storey hospital and a big-time professional break waiting for them on a silver platter?’ Yes, it’s annoying to hear that so often, but I understand why people think that way. In India, most people spend all their lives just trying to support their families, forget starting a career from scratch. They don’t understand why I want to throw away everything my parents built and start afresh.
But that’s what I want to do. You know why?
Because I’m just not interested in being a doctor. No point studying to be one and ruining my life in the process (because I’m going to be so bored at work).
I feel really sorry for people who have been forced into professions they don’t want to practise.
2. I do NOT look like Priyanka Chopra.
I know the world thinks she’s pretty and all nowadays (due to the surgical enhancements upon her face), but I SWEAR I look nothing like her.
  1. Aman says:

    You definitely do not look like Priyanka Chopra … not even half as good even if you bothered with surgical enhancements ….

    • Aman,I suggest you get some surgical enhancements.Either to your eyes or your brains.This is her blog,her post.Have some courtesy. Next time you wanna act like this,think of me coming to your house and pissing all over the floor,cus that just what you’re doing now.And please m8,you’re a guy,Nupur’s a girl.Show her some respect.Guys have treated girls like crap for far enough anyway.She’s entitled to her views,and precisely to show that fact to the world,she runs her blog.Respect that m8.And if you think Priyanka’s good looking,good for you.We all have our own tastes 🙂
      But please stop being rude.That’s not a request.

  2. udit sathaye says:

    dat was gr88!
    its difficult to choose the path dat dsnt hv the “silver plate”..
    gud going and all the best fr yr future sis !! 🙂

    [p.s. wats wit da priyanka chopra thingy? who said u luk like her? ]

  3. Aman says:

    says the guy whose name is ” A chut ” ??
    And I’m not being rude . I’m stating a fact … if priyanka chopra doesn’t look good , this girl looks horrible .. Look at the way she’s framed her sentence …

    • Well Aman,I see your eyes have real problems.Try spectacles,I hear contacts are bad.My name’s Achyuth.Not Achut.And if you think she frames sentences bad,bring out a wren and martin book and show me the proof of error.Or maybe you can write your own blog.How about titling it “My own world,cus there’s no space for anybody else”?Aman,with all due respect,this isn’t your space to comment.I didn’t insult you.You might not want to start a forest fire. I suggest you learn english.And I suggest you learn to appreciate real beauty.Did I say Priyanka sucks?Why do you have to go on saying Nupur doesn’t look good?You talk like Priyanka’s your mommy.Why,Priyanka petted you as a child?Grow up,grow some balls,insult people to their face and not while you sit behind a computer screen.And it’d be nice if you apologise,but then stubborn pricks like you never know what “manners” mean.And still,you try to correct Nupur’s english.How much more will you prove that the world is becoming dumb and dumber?Get out,and stay out.

    • Oh Aman,my dear Aman,I can’t fathom the feeling that’s building deep within my inner sanctum when I read your illiterate comments,suffice it to say that I feel only pity,pity that you appreciate only mirages and not the oasis.Is this high enough english for you?Or does thou wish me to speak in Shakespearean?Thou wouldst do well to mention what language suits thee mettle.Otherwise,I recommend thee to a cattle ranch nearby.I heard the cows speak in a tongue that strongly resembles thine.Maybe thou resembles them in physicality too.Good day,good riddance.
      Now,back to a more colloquial language:Shut up,get lost,go stick your ehad up your ass,and be amazed at the stench of your own shit,cus it’s oozing out of your mouth.Geez.

      • smartie94 says:

        Good one! 😀
        Aman, I really think he’s proved his point. Go back to poring over your masala magazines to find out if Priyanka broke up with Shahid or not.

    • And since you so kindly had a dig at my name,I shall not refuse the invitation to reciprocate.Hello “A man”.You’re just a man by name.You’re an embarrassment to human kind as a whole.I’d be causing grave injustice to call you a woman too,let alone a sex-less being.So,”A man”,I hope you do pick apart names in the future,so that others may take that avenue and pick apart yours.

  4. Asif Khan says:

    The fight between Aman and Sankar was more interesting than this post. But I still loved it. And one more thing, I want to be a doctor 😀

  5. Achyuth says:

    lol,sorry to divert attention from the post 😛

  6. Rohan says:

    Very interesting…… fight , I must say , do you both take contracts as hitmen too ? I need to kill somebody ! Also @ Achyut , bad comments are best ignored , not taken by the horns . The fact that the comment was accepted by the blog owner means that she has accepted it in good taste , why are you bouncing so much ? All said , had fun watching the scuffle .

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