The Photograph

Posted: March 9, 2011 in About Me

A story i wrote at one a.m. one night…flashes of inspiration like this keep me alive 🙂

The Photograph

The Photograph

The girl sits at her desk, preoccupied with the load of assignments due the next day. For a brief second, she looks up. Something on her billboard catches her eye. It’s a photo, of two little girls, one feeding the other a slice of cake.The picture has a jagged line down the middle. She goes into flashback mode:

That photo was clicked nearly ten years ago, at her fifth birthday party. When she cut the cake, the first morsel she gave her best friend. Oh, they were more than best friends, they were soul sisters-one could complete the other’s sentences before she began. They’d chalked their life out by then-they’d grow up together, go to the same college, get married to twins, perhaps. Silly, they knew. But they were the best of friends and nothing could change that. But destiny had something else in store for them. As the years rolled by, they drifted apart. The girl watched from a distance as her friend moved on to a new life, with new friends and new things to do. She wished they’d still be friends and she did all in her power to. Many soppy e-mails and many hurtful replies later, her spirit remained undaunted. She clung on to the fragile hope that some day, they’d be soul sisters again.
One day, this hope came crashing down at her feet. She’d brought this picture of them to school, the one at her fifth birthday party. She had hoped her friend would like it, it would probably relive some old memories. She showed her friend the picture. Her friend said, “How embarrassing! Can’t believe you got it to school! ” This the girl could deal with, but what her friend did next broke her heart.
She tore the picture into two. The two little girls were now apart. Forever.

End flashback: The picture is still on her billboard, taped carefully together. Tears roll down her eyes as she realizes she’s waited too long.

And I’m still waiting…

If you’re reading this, my dear, know that even though I can’t completely forget what you did, I’ll always be there for you. That bond can’t snap as long as we’re alive. Soul sisters forever. 🙂

  1. Some people change a lot before we know it….But it’s so reassuring to know that you still wait, you hold no grudge, and you still value the friendship. Damn, whoever your friend is, she just lost herself a lifelong blessing…..People’s ability to be mean has no limits eh?
    Nice post 😀

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