Posted: March 15, 2011 in Poems

Look at that woman, do not return her gaze

Turn away, or she will set you ablaze:

She will only Bewitch you.

See the joy, the pain she gives,

She does not deserve to live

For she is just an empty dream

Go not upon her smile, it stuns,

Makes them see a thousand suns

And  has blinded some forever.

Look not at her dark eyes

They are bottomless pits of lies

Some could never get out.

Beware of her timeless grace,

Growing greater on her lovely face

Wrecking thousands in her way

Causing their mettle to break,

Leaving destruction in her wake,

An uncontrolled tempest is she

She knows what it is to burn,

And desperately hopes not to return

What once came around to her.

But she is her beauty’s slave

As it pulls them all to their grave,

She but watches helplessly

As they tear their lovelorn souls apart

And live their lives with broken hearts.

The havoc is beyond her control

She cannot spare but one soul:

Losing them to her deadly charms.

It is all a decree of Fate

It is a mindless, hurtful game

She cannot help but take the blame

For the Apocalypse

  1. Firstly,I think I’m in love with your words!!!!They weave a portrait so beautiful and rare!!!!

    But who is “she” in this poem Nupur?

    Like the McDonald’s tagline,”I’m Lovin’ It” 😀

  2. Madhumathi says:

    Very great poem Nupur !! Can relate to dis poem 🙂 Lovely.. ❤

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