Insane: Part 3

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Stories

Here’s Part 1 and Part 2

Today was a busy day for Mumma. She was going to make the chicken dish that Meghna liked so much. Chicken was a lot of work, dicing and marinating and all of that. But Meghna loved it. She pulled open the kitchen cabinet door to look for the butcher’s knife she always kept wrapped up in the corner of the top shelf. It was missing. A kernel of doubt arose in Mumma’s mind. Meghna had asked about it a week or two ago. Where was Meghna? She ran to her room. Meghna was nowhere to be seen. Mumma started to panic.

“Meghna? Meghna? MEGHNA!”

She looked everywhere-the building grounds, the society common room, the abandoned building opposite theirs. She called up Indira Auntie and all the neighbors who could have possibly seen Meghna sneak out. But none of them knew where she was. Mumma sank to the floor in despair. How she wished Meghna’s father  were here today.

“What is she going to do?”

And then it hit her. She felt she had known all along that this was coming. She picked up the phone and dialled a number.

“Hello, Khar Police Station. Inspector Khanolkar here, how my I help you?”

It is still dark. The purple beam of light has made the sky crack into two black pieces, but it is still dark.

It is very boring here. I look at the immobile form before me and yawn. It was too much tranquilizer, perhaps. I know, I know, I took more than I needed. When will he wake up? I want him to watch the fun. Just as I think of this, his eyes open.

“Hi, Rishi.” I smile. Almost vindictively. Almost because, I am truly glad to see him. It has been so long. His eyes widen with horror. That sight gives me so much joy. His arms and legs are bound together, and his mouth is gagged with duct tape. Nothing elaborate.

His eyes question me.

“You weren’t hard to track down, you know. I’m sorry I have to do this. It was quite unfortunate, the way things have turned out…it’s not you, it’s me.” I tell him simply. The way he had said it to me. “Bye, Rishi.”

As I reach out to stab the ungrateful bastard, I realize something. The knife is not in my hands. I ask Rishi, “The knife? Where is the knife I brought along so painstakingly?” He does not say anything. Because I have gagged him, of course. But his eyes say he does not know.

But wait, I see something out of the corner of my eye. A glint of steel. Who is that? My Gnome. Yes, it is holding the knife. Its face displays a strange emotion that I have never seen before. I can call it hatred, but it is not quite that. The expressions on its face are mobile, changing from one form to the other. I spot anger. Now sympathy, now disgust.

Something cracks inside me. I start laughing loudly. “You look like Freddy Krueger!” I tell it.

It does not like the comparison. Its face assumes a permanent twist of hatred. A cruel, twisted expression nothing like my horror movie villains. It brandishes the knife at me. I start to feel a little scared. It does not look like my friend any more. What will it do?

As the Gnome approaches, I begin to feel strange. The Feelings are coming back. So strongly, that I am forced to drop my knife, sink to my knees and be sick. I do not like these Feelings. They always spoil the fun.

She is standing with the knife in her hand. Aarti is cowering at her feet.

“NO! I’m SORRY! PLEASE don’t do this!”

She grabs her right arm and makes a deep cut at the wrist. Blood flows out. It is not spurting, she must have hit a vein. Damn.

The screams turn to desperate sobs. “No, Meghna, please. I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m sorry.”

She takes her other arm and tries to intercept an artery. But no, it is a vein once again.

“Remember how we used to play together at school? Trouble Meeta Ma’am? Hide the chalks? Remember how I–“

Blood spatters on her face as she slashes Aarti’s throat. Just enough to silence her, not decapitate her.

“Do you know how I love him? Can you ever feel that way for anyone, you bitch? You ruined my life. You think I’ll forgive you?”

And she stabs her best friend in the stomach.

Ah, the feel of her blood, the sound of her sobs.

“You want forgiveness for this? Tell me why!”

She stabs her again.

“Can’t you listen to what I’m saying? Reply!”

But no one replies.

She looks to the ground, to deliver the final stroke. Her best friend is slumped on the floor, surrounded in a pool of blood.

A lot of blood.

The consequences of her actions then strike her in full force.

“What have I done?” she whispers.

She throws herself on the body. Shakes it frantically. “Wake up, Aarti, wake up!”

It had seemed no more than a game. But now it dawns upon her that she is a murderer.

The blood is getting to her. She feels dizzy. The last thing she sees is the blood on the wall and Aarti’s face, frozen in an expression of terror.

Blood, blood, so much blood.

So this was how she almost died. It is funny that I felt repentance.

But I love Rishi very much. I do not want to play that game with him.  I do not want to kill him any more. I feel sad. I want him to live, to be mine. My life matters not so much as his. He used to love me too. Maybe it will be okay if I say sorry.

I hear sirens somewhere in the distance. An ambulance? The police? I don’t know. I better say sorry before anyone comes.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Rishi.” I try to lift my hands up to signal a truce.

But no matter how I try, I cannot. There is blood around me. Blood, blood, so much blood. I am on the floor. I look down at myself and am terrified to realize that I am sitting in my own blood. My wrists have been slashed and someone stabbed me in my stomach. The Gnome is standing above me, holding the blood-spattered knife. It suddenly seems very tall. And with a smile, it plunges the knife into my heart. What was to be my final stroke.

The black chasm opens up under me. I am going to die for the second time, I realize. And a giggle escapes my throat as I fall into the blackness.

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  2. Holy Mother of Sweet Jesus!!!!!!!!

    This is simply wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You know what? Damn,am I proud to have become your friend 😀

  3. Madhumathi says:

    Well.. nupur.. dis is my only comment for all the 3 parts.. m so sorry for dat.. 😦 😀

    Yeppp…. I realllyyyy loved the storyy!!! the starting… and the finishing… is damn good… and I give a bow .. for ur narration !! 🙂

    The mind-set of Meghna .. is well understood nd picturised by me.. in my own beautiful way.. 🙂 Thanx for writing such a simple.. nd yet .. good story.. to read! 🙂

    Hope u write such stories.. more..
    Keep blogging..
    Cheers ^_^

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