Black, White and Grey

Posted: April 2, 2011 in About Me

When I was a child, I lived my world in black and white. If something was not done the legal way, it was bad. The reason of my beliefs could partly be attributed to the silly didactical stories I listened to and read as a child. Enid Blyton books were quite an example of this.

But as I grew up, I realized that nothing is purely black or purely white. It’s all grey. Every bit of it. I learnt of betting and bribing and plastic surgeries and convenience murders and what not. I began to understand that the world is not Fairyland. I was forced to accept that this is the way the world lives.

Even our cartoons, heck, even our concept of religion portrays everything as good and evil, angelic and demonic, heavenly and hellish. Two opposite poles. Do such ideologies and practices of life really exist? Perhaps they do, but in the society I live in, they most certainly don’t. To be a great person on everyone ele’s terms, you have to let go of your scruples and scramble your way to the top. Of course, there are those good samaritans who make our world a better place, but then there are people with such blackened hearts that they simply neutralize the effect the good guys had on us.

Your conscience is the only thing that pulls you back from doing the unforgivable. Well, it should be. Most people I have heard about and seen behave like they have no conscience. They call it being ‘career driven’. Sure, getting bribed ten crore rupees to lose a game or giving sexual favours to get the much-desired job makes people look like they’re really ‘driven’ to establish their ‘careers’, but it’s sheer desperation. Being diplomatic and street-smart is going to help you survive, no doubt. To what extent one can go is determined by one’s conscience and desperation. I’d think an extremely ‘career-driven’ path is lonely. No real friends, no real companion, no sense of security. What fun is it to be grey?

But if the world was all white, it would get too boring. If  the world was all black, it would be the end of all life. So why do people even cook up stories of pure good and pure evil when none of it is true? That in itself is a case of a grey shade. 🙂

One thing that really hurts me is when public figures commit shameful acts behind the scenes, and word gets out. They have to understand that they’ve been put on a pedestal, and people look up to them. They can’t complain because they chose  it to be that way. And if word gets out, our purely didactical-minded, naive people will be outraged. They can’t accept shades of grey and would refuse to have it any other way than pure white.

Mr. Politician, think twice before sending emissaries to bribe businessmen and the opposition (at confidence votes, for example), because there are youngsters out there who will lose faith in India as a whole, just because they thought you were a different, educated gentleman. They believe in you.

Think twice, Miss Actress, before undergoing plastic surgeries. Thousands of girls look up to you and want to be perfect like you but they’re just too gullible to realize that you’re not natural. Don’t make them strive to be what no human can be naturally.

Think twice, Mr. Sportsman, before agreeing to fix the outcome of your games for hot cash. Thousands of people are riding on the hope that you will win the gane. They eagerly await the twists and turns during the course of your game. It will blight the credibility of future players and their games before the public.

I’d love to say that to them, and I say it every time I read of the latest scam or scandal in the papers. But the cash is just too alluring to them to listen to a teenager.

Take the case of political corruption. There’s a text doing the rounds about Anna Hazare’s fast for corruption. Do you really think a septuagenarian’s fast is going to mend their greed and that ‘chalta hai’ attitude? Maybe temporarily, but these guys are like elastic. They’ll bounce back to their dirty tactics.

I really respect Mr. Assange (no matter what they say about him being a pervert) and his team for their bravery, and showing us that nothing is what it seems to be. I do worry about the diplomatic storm he has invited, but he’s shown us how the world is grey. It hurt to see the truth, though. So, one could let the ignorants live in bliss. The greys shatters the foundation of their beliefs and confuses them.

But what about those who still have to structure their lives and find out what they truly believe in? There are youngsters out there who have big dreams. They want to be rich and famous like their idols. If this is how it is, is it worth all that effort? Would it just be better to be successful on your own terms? Or brave the grey shadows and live life how it truly is?

Photo courtesy: Photobucket

  1. udit says:

    I really wish this msg reaches those sportspersons,politicians & all those it needs to…

  2. That picture is so beautiful, so fitting!!! 😀
    And once again, you’ve written something awesome 😀
    I’m lovin it!!! 🙂

  3. sub says:

    great post….loved it….

  4. Vyankatesh says:

    Good thoughts.

    I too always thought that everything was either right or wrong, black or white – nothing in between.

    But off late – it’s all about learning how to take the middle path. And the learning is still on.

    Maybe that’s why they – the world isn’t an ideal place.

    • smartie94 says:

      Yes. It’s a whole new world now.
      Nope. We’ve got to be content with what we have as our society, our world. Until we’re strong enough to discard the ‘chalta hai’ attitude and CHANGE.

  5. dont you think we’re so cynical now because we can see the greys. when i was growing up the world was far simpler-just black and white

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