Copy Cat!

Posted: April 6, 2011 in About Me

This post is primarily to cheer up a friend who means a lot to me (having been friends with him for seven years now).

You have GOT to see his blog…there has been a boom in the number of tech bloggers after he started his blog. But no one is as good as him, not even close! Click here to check it out.

This post of mine is dedicated to,well, plagiarism. The issue that has troubled artists for centuries…perhaps ever since art came into existence.

The world revolves around an idea. And if an idea is good, people just see reason to copy it. It’s just human nature, some say. Well, if copying of creativity is human nature, I am not human. Period.

There are two kinds of creativity thieves: one kind simply copies the idea and the strategies of the artist as a whole, and the other kind copies just the idea and expands on it, using their own creativity for that purpose. The first kind is usually never successful…no one can replace the original. The second kind, however, proves to be much more dangerous to people with good, unpatented ideas. You have to see The Social Network to understand what I mean.

As a victim of literary theft, I know what it’s like to have your artwork (for which you put in several hours) copied and projected as someone else’s idea. Especially when that someone gets the recognition you deserve. You feel deprived of something (like the hot cash that pours in when an amazing idea of yours gets recognized). What was rightfully yours was given to someone else…and that in itself is moral injustice. The law, however, covers most but not all aspects of intellectual property theft, as you see in most practical cases.

Of course, you have something called Intellectual Property Rights, but piracy and plagiarism are its biggest rivals. Most people have knowingly or unknowingly flouted these Rights, and deprived people of a huge share of their economic returns. Plagiarism seems unstoppable, at the rate with which it is growing. The only way an artist has out of this is to stop creating altogether, which is like not breathing to them. As someone rightly said, “Creativity is great, but plagiarism is faster.” So anyone wanting an easy, cheap, fast way out just has to flout the law. In many countries, these laws are not enforced too stringently. In some cases, however, people misuse these property rights…they’re enforced too stringently.

So, fellow artists, just let the pretenders be and move on. You’re a well of ideas and I’m sure you can come up with more…and act upon them as fast as possible. Expand on them as quickly as you can. And confide only in someone who you’re sure won’t copy or go tell the world. As for piracy, it’s almost impossible to stop, what with the technological advancements progressing at an alarming rate. It’s best to take as much protection as you can in the shadow of the legal system’s undersized umbrella. You’re smart and you know it. 🙂

And hey, do credit whoever’s artwork you take from. They won’t forget it.


Photo courtesy: (thanks guys!)

  1. Lucky Yash!! He has a friend like you 🙂
    God knows who’s plagiarised my posts 😛
    Who plagiarised Yash’s?
    And yeah,Yash,your blog is super awesome 🙂

  2. Yash says:

    Thank you, Nupur. 😀

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