The Ten Day YOU Challenge-1

Posted: May 23, 2011 in About Me

I’m not normally the kind of person who does stuff like this, but I thought of doing something different for a change.

Thanks to Defiant Princess whose blog I read 🙂

Day One:

Ten Secrets:

1. I am a perfectionist.

2. I have Middle Eastern genes, but from God knows which part of the Middle East. Those genes came in a thousand years ago, so I wouldn’t know.

3. I love to read the news.

4. I think Ben Affleck’s chin is awesome.

5. I am in love. Real, crazy, nail-biting love. (any questions on this will not be entertained.)

6. I collect watches and bags.

7. I eat ice cubes. Really.

8. I am absolutely unaffected by ‘celebrity personas’ and ‘stardom’. I love to treat these people like every other passer-by.

9. I really enjoy eating chicken.

10. I love to watch sidey movies and make fun of the actors.

  1. nail biting love?i thought you were taking time off 😛

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