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Posted: June 6, 2011 in About Me

One of my posts from another blog of mine (dated June 15th, 2010…last Danceworx worshop πŸ™‚ ) :

Every sane person’s existence is driven by some passion, something that makes them happy, something that gives them kicks. The passion which makes up all their dreams and desires.
There’s so much a person can get addicted to and be passionate about (and no, I do not mean Facebook or any other such and habits).

For me, I don’t think I can be as passionate about anything in life as dance. The way the music creeps into my brain, the rush of adrenaline I feel when I execute a perfect step, and the dizziness I feel once the dance is done, have been a part of me for more than ten years now. It’s a beautiful feeling to have your body move in sync with the music, trust me.

I’ve been dancing since I was four, and I love it. I love to watch people dance because they turn into fluid objects, leaping from form to form. They assume different personalities just for those few minutes.

Some people think that dance is all about competition. I don’t really think looking at dance from a competitive angle is very productive…I used to think it was all about beating everyone to be in the front row/get a solo, when I was a kid, but it’s all changed. I realize that that will never be my goal. There are so many people who dance better than me…but I don’t mind. I have to respect them, not envy them for it.

And oh, I forget the Last Line Inferiority Complex. People usually get insecure when they’re placed in the fourth or fifth row of a particular formation.”Do I dance that bad?”
Well, SOMEONE has to make up the last rows, right? I had this dance teacher once who always said,

“What last line? Where’s the last line? My troupe has no last line. There may be a FOURTH line, but no LAST line. Never. ”

It’s not about being first or second or the best, you know. It’s all about going out there and having fun.

P.S.: I come from a country where anything but classical dance is considered ‘vulgar’ by many people. That’s strange because Western dances are also a form of art, and I really think people should respect that. A lot of jazz and hip-hop has titillating stuff like strong pelvic thrusts and shimmies and whatever, and lots of people ridicule it, but that’s just how the dances are supposed to be performed! I’ve also been told that since we’re Indian, our bodies are more suited to the dance of the land, and that we’re going to “look like fools” if we try anything else. I can see the reason in that, but wasn’t the person who said this just making a mockery of all the Indians who’ve devoted their lives to non-Indian dance forms? And let me tell you, seeing an Indian and a Western dancer dance in tandem is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Both those forms are just so, so wonderful.Β  πŸ™‚

  1. Stupidosaur says:

    It is great to have a passion like you do!

    And I think technology might make lives of dancers easier by removing last row complexes.
    The last row will be always be formed by 3d holograms.

    The Indian-Western tandem could look awesome or awful depending on execution I think. Can u share a good video link? πŸ™‚

    • smartie94 says:

      Thanks for reading.
      Well yes, I know about the holograms showcased at a Beijing fashion show…sounds cool πŸ˜€
      I will when I find one…I saw it on a reality show years ago. Actually, a friend of mine does semi-classical dance. I’ll ask her if she has a video of a face-off or something that I can put up here!

  2. Hey Nupur !!

    I loved your blog. And I totally agree with every word you said.

    I am a dancer. πŸ™‚ so I understand you. And I have experienced everything you wrote. I was a bharatnatyam dancer as a kid, and grew up to start loving western dance. Then I trained with Shiamak for many years and it wasn’t looked so positively by many people.

    Anyhow. Dance is my life. It runs in my blood.

    Love it !!!!


  3. Its very good that you have something that always makes you happy. And the thing about it not at all being a competition, is so true. As a kid I idolized sunny deol, as his steps were the easiest to emulate for some one born with two left feet.

    Keep writing πŸ™‚

  4. madhur says: you love to dance…:)…niceee

    I believe everyone has to be driven by a passion..some sort of,music,painting..anything….It makes the life’s circle complete…you live the life you are supposed to love :)..complete…….sadly most people do not go after their passions due to various reasons such as inferiority need to do it for yourself rather than for anyone else

    It doesnt matter how good or bad you are..what matters is you enjoy it…
    on a personal passion is a combination of poetry,song and spoken words….i pick up a pen..when i am down..record something when i am not able to understand my me peace..

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