The Birth of a Shopaholic

Posted: October 3, 2011 in About Me

I cannot forget that day. Not because it was the day of my first terminal exam, but because of the, umm, vision I had. Call it an awakening. Call it a divine intervention. But it was definitely a change of some sort. I never cared for dressing up or anything to do with looking good, just the occasional smear of kaajal, that’s it…until before 28th September.
(Just so you know, I am not one of those fashionistas who write with a designer’s bent of mind so don’t expect me to do that. I’m a dreamer and I build castles when it comes to my clothing choices, as well. Figuratively.)
It was a hot, dreary morning and I was hurriedly packing my bag for the exam. A few minutes before leaving, I picked up my phone and browsed through my emails. I saw that my registration to Qvendo, a new online shopping portal, had been accepted. I cast a cursory glance at all the catalogue items, not bothering to delve into the details of each, and left for college.
I was early by about half an hour. A few students, who I didn’t know too well, were sitting in the examination room, talking. I found a seat and sat there, waiting nervously for the exam to start.
Then something caught my eye. A flash of something golden, right outside the examination room. Figuring that I had enough time to investigate, I walked  out to see what it it was. There was nothing. I turned back. Just then, I saw the gold again. It was coming from behind the college library door. There was a sign hung up on the doorknob, “Closed.” But the lure of finding out what it was was just too much. I pushed open the door to the library and walked in. The creaky door shut behind me as I switched on a bigger light. 
A huge signboard hung from the library ceiling. It read QVENDO. I remember thinking this was really strange. I’d just read their online catalogue that morning. But what lay stacked underneath this signboard took my breath away. Piles of clothes and shoes lay neatly arranged on the library tables. There were clothes racks with beautiful dresses hung upon them. Each item had a little price tag attached to it.
I rushed about the central section of the library, examining each of the items on display. There was an orange pair of Si Barcelona Gladiator Sandals, priced at Rs. 2,700. Next to that, there was a light grey all day dress from flip*flop, priced at Rs. 1,500, along with a cream coloured Bulgari clutch, priced at Rs. 5,700. Perfect. I could wear those to my school reunion next month.
I remember wanting the rose coloured Furla clutch (SO trendy. At Rs. 5,700) just as much as I wanted the ‘Antique Silver’ coloured big purse from  flip*flop (Rs. 1400), or maybe the  ‘Antique Pink’ Fornarina Pumps(at Rs. 4,800). Just as much for everyday use as for a special occasion.
To my left glittered a Lawrence Grey Belt Beige (Rs. 2,300). It was a beige belt studded with shiny stones. The price tag said ‘for men’, but at that point of time, I didn’t really care. The belt looked good on me and I wanted it! 😛
But at the centre, sitting atop the receptionist’s table, lay the finest pair of brown sunglasses I have ever seen. Giorgio Armani. Encased in a delicate metal frame, they were the most beautiful tinted glasses I had ever laid my eyes upon. I rushed to it. Its price tag, quite unbelievably, said it cost Rs. 7,400. I spotted a pair of Chloe Strap Peeptoes, black in colour,  under the desk (I don’t wear heels unless I have to go out to parties, but these really captivated me. Priced at Rs. 14,900). Next to the heavenly Armani goggles, there was a pretty smoke grey tube dress from flip*flop (At just Rs. 1400. My God, did I love those guys.) And right beside it, was a flip*flop Clutch, metallic gold and pink (just Rs. 1400. Wow). It was the light reflecting off that clutch that led me to this place!
I put on the dress, wore the peeptoes and sunglasses, took the clutch in my hand and gazed at myself in the mirror next to the desk. I felt good. I looked good. I wasn’t dressing up to please people, but to please myself. For the first time, I truly

fell in love with the person looking back at me from the mirror. I picked up my bag and started to take what I saw and liked. Suddenly, the library started to shake. Someone was thumping the walls and pushing down bookshelves. I was being tossed from side to side. Someone was calling my name…I got scared. What if the clothes and apparel get destroyed? Is this quake happening because I didn’t pay before I took the clothes?
I came to my senses when I felt a resounding slap on my cheek. To my horror, I realized I’d fallen asleep in the middle of my practicals. Thump, thump, thump. I realized the shaking and the scary sounds and the slapping were the efforts of my friend Kotu, who was trying to wake me up. “What are you DOING? The teacher marked you absent for the exam because you slept off and didn’t answer to the roll call!”
I just smiled. I felt as cool as I did with those Armani shades on.

My tryst with the Qvendo website had thrust me into some strange, wonderful dreamland that I haven’t been able to wake up from. A land of fun and fashion,  and frustration (only with the ‘Coming Soon’ labels. I want more and more of the products on Qvendo). The land of Shopaholism. It also made me realize that dressing up isn’t done to look presentable or parade your financial status to society, it’s more to do with discovering and loving yourself. From that day on, I decided I’m going to shop wel and dress well…to please myself. And how. A shopaholic is now born. Thanks, Qvendo. 🙂
Qvendo is an awesome online shopping club! Check it out here. I’m sure you’ll love it.
  1. megha says:

    nice imagination 🙂 n a long shopping list too!!
    u can check out mine at

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