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Blending in or Standing Out?

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

There come those times when one feels woefully inadequate. It happens very often where I live right now. Being surrounded by super smart and talented people is a difficult thing.
Is this feeling of inadequacy always measured against societal expectations? For me, it’s what I expected from myself. When I see all these people around me, I always feel the urge to be just a little smarter, just a little more social, just a little more well-read, just a little more rational, or just a little more confident. Then again, I probably just want to be more of these things because society will accept me completely. It’s not nice to be a misanthrope and recluse with a scattered thought process, but that’s how I am. I came here with big hopes of being myself and staying that way, but it’s not difficult to lose yourself in this tiny place with so many stellar personalities.

Ah, the tussle between blending in and standing out.