The ‘Wily’ Charm

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Poems

(Them stupid teens.)

What is the harm in pausing a while:

Just giving in and returning that smile?

What is the harm in a light-hearted talk or two

And starting a friendship anew?

Even if your patience wears thin.

So what if they call it a sin

To spend some time together alone?

Oh, to have someone to call your own.

But colder and colder

Gets the much-hyped shoulder

Of the object of your infatuation.

Was the smile a figment of your imagination?

Still, what is the harm in being swept off your feet

If that is what makes you feel complete?

Why not indulge in a little fascination

Even if it is only idle procrastination?

So what if your feelings are only slighted?

(And for all practical purposes, unrequited)

But there is no real harm

In falling for that wily charm…

Is there?


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