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It’s exam season in India again. Final terms, units, board exams, entrance exams. The most decisive time in an Indian student’s life.The time when they are under the most pressure, burning the midnight oil to study some more, going to tuitions for longer hours than they spend at home, even jumping off terraces, getting run over by cars and the like. Whatever it takes to get there.



He’s big. He’s bad. And his threats make the Government go crazy with fright.
Say hello to the new anti-corruption crusader, Kisan Baburao Hazare, popularly known as Anna Hazare. A little old man from a tiny Maharashtrian village that managed to make our 10th grade textbooks as a model of environmental efficiency, he has mobilised mass support like never before for his cause. Some liken the situation in India to the 1975 Emergency, some call it India’s Arab Spring (Reuters did. Sheesh), while some go so far as to say this is India’s second freedom struggle. (more…)